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Oct 30

f4399afab93c2de24a88ec3adb9eec74 Christmas Disco 2014

Christmas Disco 2014
 Genre: Pop, Dance
Duration: 7:07:56

Codec: MP3
Bitrate: 256 kb / s
Bit Rate Type: CBR


01. Нашеvremя – Кино о нас (Nikolay Shiloff Remix)
02. David Solano feat. Angelika Vee – Who We Are (Original Mix
03. Олеся Астапова – Мир сновидений (Vitalik Solt 2K14 Radio Remix)
04. Modana feat. Tay Edwards – Dance The Night Away (Extended Mix)
05. Джиган ft Лоя – Береги любовь (Tony Kart Remix)
06. Maelyne – Blow A Kiss (Dj Rien Radio Edi)
07..иагра – Перемирие (Vladimir Koskin Extended Mix)
08. Nick Arbor Feat. Alana Aldea – 5Am (Original Mix)
09. Нюша – Наедине (DJ Romeo Remix Extended Version)
10. Vicetone & Popeska feat. Luciana – New Kings (Radio Mix)
11. Alex Kafer & Lera – Я Без Тебя (Руки.верх Cover Radio Mix)
12. Mike De Ville Feat Frank Magal – Everybody Dance (Aide) (Radio Edit)
13. Настя Ясна – Прячем руки от холода (Vladimir Koskin Remix)
14. Dan Geneva – In My Mind (Radio Edit)
15. Настя Ясна – Москва – Сочи (Vladimir Koskin Remix)
16. Denny Berland feat. Seri – Tonight It’s You & I (Radio Edit)
17. Artik pres Asti – Очень Очень (DJ AZOT Remix)
18. Celine Dion – Loved Me Back To Life (Dave Aude Club Remix)
19. Фабрика – Про любовь (Vi & Di Reboot)
20. CJ Stone & Marc Van Linden feat. Lyck – Here Comes The Sun (Radio Mix)
21. Евгений Белоусов – Девочка моя синеглазая (DJ Karp Remix)
22. Orlow feat. Shena – Set Me On Fire (Radio Edit)
23. DJ Sandro Escobar & MC Романов – Девочки танцуют (Extended)
24. Radio Killer Feat. Junior Caldera – Beautiful People
25. Макс Корж vs. Salahoff & Misha Pioner – Жить в Кайф (Dj Pasha Exclusive Mash Up)
26. Dj Smash – Stop The Time (Original Mix)
27..иагра – Перемирие (10 Element Booty Remix)
28. Icona Pop Feat. Charli Xcx – I Love It (Clean U.S. Radio Edit)
29. Даша Русакова – Чужой (Bob Rovsky extended mix)
30. Nik Bezzrukoff – Out Of My Mind (Dj Bridge & Dj Artem Tach Remix 2013)
31. Пропаганда – Я написала любовь (Vladimir Koskin Remix)
32. Rene Rodrigezz & Dipl.Xxxh – Only One (Radio Edit)
33. Бьянка & DJ Azot & Dima Meleshkin – Музыка (DJ Cool Mash Up)
34. Klaas – Heartbeat (Radio Edit)
35. Loboda – Под лёд (Dj Vlad Bulavin Remix)
36. Alesso & Calvin Harris Feat. T – Under Control (Extended Mix)
37. Полина Гагарина – Навек (Loud Bit Project & DJ Lykov Official Radio Edit)
38. Tiesto Feat. Disco Fries – Itrance (Original Mix)
39. Афродита – Зая!
40. Playmen – Fallin (Dj Nejtrino & Dj Stranger Radio Edit)
41. Serebro – Мало тебя (Vladimir Koskin Remix)
42. Taylor – Big City (Original Mix)
43. Danko vs. Tarantino – Московская Ночь (Dj Pasha Exclusive Mash Up)
44. Alexander Brown feat. Shonie – In Your Head (Radio Edit)
45. Потап и Настя Vs. DJ Sandro Escobar –.сё пучком (Dj Pasha Exclusive Mash Up)
46. 2 Elements – Shimmy Shake (Dave Kurtis Remix)
47. Андрей Артемьев – Летим со мной
48. Bob Sinclar – Summer Moonlight (Radio Edit)
49. DJ Sandro Escobar & MC Романов – На белом покрывале января (Radio Mix)
50. Dj Solovey – Walking Away (Original Mix)
51. Serpo & Dj 911 – Страна желаний (Vitalik Solt feat. AVA Club Remix)
52. Dave202 – Turbo Boost (Original Mix)
53. Светлана Лобода – 40 градусов (Dima Meleshkin Remix)
54. Bodyshakers – Fucking Yeaa (Original Mix)
55. Женя Юдина – Прощай (Vladimir Koskin Remix)
56. Dezybill meets Sven E – Take You Higher (Radio Edit)
57..иа Гра – Жива (Alex Polovnikov Remix)
58. Rihanna – What Now (Firebeatz Radio Edit)
59. Фабрика – Не родись красивой (DJM Grebenshchikov)
60. Otto Knows – Million Voices (Extended Original Mix)
61. Женя Юдина – Дыши (Vladimir Koskin Remix)
62. Justin Bieber Feat. Ludacris – All Around The World
63. Соломина – Без названия (Max PRIDE remix edit)
64. Bodybangers – Sunshine Day (Radio Edit)
65. 5sta Family – Буду с тобой (Dj Zoff & BacardI Night remix)
66. Dilemn – Shock (Original Mix)


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Oct 30

1eb0ddf2f7489c2e31f20f32665eb944 Girls and Erotic Wallpapers Mega Pack HD

df062404c51a68b5edb456ef291b7a66 Girls and Erotic Wallpapers Mega Pack HD

eab5c911f01d5bd87354ebc0286cc986 Girls and Erotic Wallpapers Mega Pack HD

919cfa0046a67d316cb970fe41a0a23f Girls and Erotic Wallpapers Mega Pack HD

Girls and Erotic Wallpapers Mega Pack HD
Size: 1.24 GB

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Oct 29

3277ad2299a497458096251728f92db1 Human Photo Manipulation
Human Photo Manipulation
348 JPG | …400×600…

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Oct 28

d82c8248049f6f7e3f97891ae1f3ebc3 Prison Battleship   Reiko Kobayakawa, Sunohara Miki  [ZIZG 002] (ZIZ) [cen] [2014, Cosplay, HDRip]

Reiko Kobayakawa, Sunohara Miki – Prison Battleship
Production year: 2014
Country: Japan
Genre: Cosplay, 3P, 4P, Squirting, Big Tits, Large Breasts, Rape, Gangbang, Group
Duration: 3:39:12
Censorship: Yes to all files
Language: Japanese
Studio Code movie: ZIZG-002
Studio: ZIZ

Starring: Reiko Kobayakawa – I-cup 102cm / Sunohara Miki

Ziz Entertainment gave us the opening sequence to the live action adaptation of the Prison Battleship game earlier in the week and now they have a new video out for it. With the movie version that’s due out on January 31st, we get a bit of a saucy behind the scenes look that’s free of nudity but pretty much not safe for work. Bringing in a few popular actresses and going the adult story route (the official site is NSFW) as directed by Gory Matsuda, we get a pretty fun piece overall that is a few steps above cosplay fan videos with some decent values to it. The release is priced at 3800 yen and is their second live action attempt based off of their other materials. Essentially, if you wanted your hentai anime or games to come to life, this is it as it’s part of the growing Action/Cosplay genre.

Plot concept: Brainwashed secretly in prison called spaceship, beautiful woman officer of two people to be changed to another person in a thorough personality destruction Torture. Rieri Bishop Lieutenant Colonel auditors Reiko Kobayakawa, Sunohara future appeared as Naomi Evans major role. Reproduced faithfully as possible the original game.


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Oct 28

8b2b2532416870313fa5651990cd2861 Afterfall InSanity  SKIDROW

Publisher: Just A Game
Developer: Nicolas Intoxicate
Genre: Action

It is 2032 – 20 years after the end of World War III. To survive the nuclear holocaust, humankind fled from the contaminated surface to find safety in vast bunkers, cities created deep underground. Decaying shelters and hideaways set the stage in mankind’s struggle for survival where they battle horrible mutants, bloodthirsty mercenaries and other threats.

In Afterfall: InSanity you won’t only face the aftermath of the nuclear fallout, but also the dark shadows of the past in the role of the
mysterious psychologist Albert. As Albert, the player will be part of a team of medical scientists in charge of monitoring the fugitives’
mental stability. If Albert does not confront his greatest weaknesses and deepest fears, he will not survive the claustrophobic depths of the underground from which there is no escape and where the darkness hides more secrets than simply the growing madness of its inhabitants. Defy everything that’s in your way to solve the horrible secrets that exists in the dark.

* Detailed and extensive environments set in post-apocalyptic versions of real-world locations
* Expansive levels with giant cities, tunnels, bunkers and deep mines
* An exciting and rich story with unexpected twists and turns in the dark world of Afterfall
* Extensive weapons arsenal with myriad types of opponents for thrilling cinematic close and long-range combat
* Dramatic soundtrack further enhancing the dark atmosphere sure to evoke goose bumps and enhancing the tension.

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Oct 28

ad1e9cbb8fa2730bb7559d1e9c06b4cd Windows 7 SP1 AIO 16in1 x86/x64 OEM ESD Pre Activated October 2014

32bit: X17-59463 & dvd_67771
64bit: X17-59465 & dvd_67765
Size: 4,37GB
Format: Bootable ISO

* Windows 7 Home Premium
* Windows 7 Professional
* Windows 7 Ultimate
* Windows 7 Enterprise
* Windows 7 Home Premium OEM-Activated
* Windows 7 Professional OEM-Activated
* Windows 7 Ultimate OEM-Activated
* Windows 7 Enterprise OEM-Activated


* Windows 7 Home Premium
* Windows 7 Professional
* Windows 7 Ultimate
* Windows 7 Enterprise
* Windows 7 Home Premium OEM-Activated
* Windows 7 Professional OEM-Activated
* Windows 7 Ultimate OEM-Activated
* Windows 7 Enterprise OEM-Activated

Integrated / Pre-installed in Audit Mode:

* .NET Framework 4.5.3
* Internet Explorer 11
* Hotfixes – 2014-10-14

Setupcomplete / Post-install:
* KB890930
* Defender Updates
* install.wim compressed to recovery format (install.esd)


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Oct 28

8a6d9bb0dbbb03d1785c2b4bb71d9749 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters

WriteExpress 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters helps you persuade customers, build relationships, and close sales. You’ll save time and stress, and sell more!

This comprehensive collection of letters helps you increase sales by improving relationships, persuading customers, and closing sales in a professional manner. No need to start from scratch. You’ll save time, eliminate stress, and sell more! Whether you are writing sales letters, advertisements, or struggling to find the right words for your Web site, 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters will give your business a competitive advantage.

Insert letters into Microsoft® Word: WriteExpress 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters works with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, 95, Me, and NT word processors and can be run from the Add-Ins menu of Microsoft Word 2007 and the Tools Menu of Word 2003, 2002, 2000, 97, and Word 7.0. The Macintosh version may be used with Word via the clipboard. If you have a different word processor, you can still run the program and use the Windows clipboard to copy and paste text into your document.

Sound original: Build your own letters. More than 500 topics include œmust-know tips, user-friendly step-by-step instructions, and choice sentences and phrases for every writing step.

Save money: Affordable! For less than what you might spend for an hour of writing consultation you can create dozens of invaluable professional letters.
Save time “Use a built-in search engine to help you quickly find your topic, letters, sentences, and phrases. Click to insert text into your document. It’s that simple!

Learn from expert writers: Our hand-picked contributing writers came from various occupations. They knew just what to say (and what not to say) in specific situations.

Write like a pro: Because every letter represents you and your company, you’ll want every word to advance your message on the highest professional level.

Handle difficult, sensitive situations: Never be at a loss for the right words to handle these situations. 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters helps you find the appropriate expressions.

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Oct 28

4f282c9618bbf0bc7f20f09e99203380 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 HDRip XviD AC3 EVO

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 HDRip

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy
Directed by: Jonathan Liebesman
Starring: Megan Fox, Will Arnett, William Fichtner

Video: XviD | 720×304 | 1700 Kbps
Audio: English | AC3 | 384 Kbps
Runtime: 1h 41mn

Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April O’Neil and her cameraman Vern Fenwick to save the city and unravel Shredder’s diabolical plan.

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Oct 28

6ac70fa46f67dd40032779854c60a1e9 Hercules 2014 EXTENDED HDRip XviD AC3 EVO

Hercules (2014) 
Director: Brett Ratner
Writers: Ryan Condal, Evan Spiliotopoulos, Steve Moore
Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane, John Hurt, Rufus Sewell, Aksel Hennie
Genres: Action, Adventure
Country: USA
Language: English
  Fourteen hundred years BCE, a tormented soul walked the earth that was neither man nor god. Hercules was the powerful son of the god king Zeus, for this he received nothing but suffering his entire life. After twelve arduous labours and the loss of his family, this dark, world-weary soul turned his back on the gods finding his only solace in bloody battle. Over the years he warmed to the company of six similar souls, their only bond being their love of fighting and presence of death. These men and women never question where they go to fight or why or whom, just how much they will be paid. Now the King of Thrace has hired these mercenaries to train his men to become the greatest army of all time. It is time for this bunch of lost souls to finally have their eyes opened to how far they have fallen when they must train an army to become as ruthless and blood thirsty as their reputation has become.

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Oct 28

dce7825decac412333545a00cb9dae65 Torchlight (ENG)

Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D / 3rd Person
Platform: PC
Developer: Runic Games
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Publication Type: License
Release Group: SKIDROW
Language: English

Torchlight – Another variation on the theme of Diablo. You choose one of three characters and go to the cave to meet with numerous monsters and bosses. Interface – simple and understandable. Levels are generated randomly. They were randomly placed enemies and treasures. Heroes can retire, passing his followers certain skills. In the breaks the players are invited to fish virtual fish or build their own dungeons.

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